2019 Rogue Commute Challenge: May 6-17

Congratulations to Ashland School District and to all the participants of the 2019 Rogue Commute Challenge.

The Rogue Commute Challenge allows workplaces to team together and compete against other local workplace teams to see who can log more walking, biking, carpooling, transit, or telecommute trips and earn glory by being named King of the Rogue Commuters! This fun competition is a great way to learn more about your commute options, earn prizes, get healthy, reduce your carbon footprint and build camaraderie with your co-workers all while competing to have your workplace win the Rogue Commute Challenge!

The Rogue Commute Challenge is free to participate in, workplace teams will be given everything needed to promote the challenge to co-workers. Each team member will receive a free Go Kit with free items to help them participate. Sign up your team today!



See what participants have to say about the Challenge!

I really had a lot of fun with the Rogue Commute Challenge. A colleague and I commuted together most of the week, and even though we had to get up and going a little earlier than usual to make it work, we found that we arrived at work energized and really ready for the day because we had laughed so much together on the way! Thanks for the opportunity to connect with a new friend!
— Michelle (2016 Participant)
The challenge was a great way to be responsible and to think outside the box!
— Renae (2017 Participant)
The Rogue Commute Challenge encouraged me to branch out with my transportation. In fact, I hadn’t ridden my bike to work in months. Once I signed up for the challenge, I was pumped for the ride. I met new friends, got into the routine, and found a whole new exercise regimen.
— Alex (2018 Participant)

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