Rogue Commute Challenge Week 2: Final Team Standings (6/3/2019 Update)

Congratulations to the Ashland School District Team for winning the 2019 Rogue Commute Challenge! The Ashland School District team logged over 70 walking, biking, carpooling and transit commute trips!! Erickson was a close second with 68 trips! Congratulations to all the participants in this years Challenge, next year will be bigger and larger than ever with a new trip logging platform!

1st Place: Ashland School District

2nd Place: Erickson

And the winners are......

Thanks to all the participants and workplace teams for making the 2018 Rogue Commute Challenge a success! We logged more miles and trips than ever before! Without further ado we present the two team winners! This year we had categories for both 1) Total Team Trips and 2) Total Team Miles

Total Team Trips: Ashland School District! Congratulations, in the winners circle for the 3rd year in a row! Ashland School District team logged 284 trips during the 2 week period! Wow!

Total Team Miles: Asante! Congratulations! The Asante workplace team logged 1,117 miles during the Challenge. That's amazing!

Individual winners have also been selected! We will be reaching out to winning participants via email in the next week to find the best way to get you your well deserved prize! Check out the list!

Piccadilly $50 Gift Card

Anna M

Piccadilly $25 Gift Card

Gary L

Piccadilly $25 Gift Card

Phil J

Piccadilly $25 Gift Card

Billy J

Piccadilly $100 Gift Card

Jay P

Piccadilly $50 Gift Card

Cassie S

Cycle Sport $49.99 Gift Card

Malinda W

Cycle Sport $49.99 Gift Card

James B

Cycle Sport $49.99 Gift Card

Debbie L

Cycle Sport $60 Gift Card

Paul S

Cycle Sport $45 Gift Card

Katie Y

Cycle Sport $45 Gift Card

Gina V

Cycle Sport Bike Tune-Up

Jaime C

Cycle Sport Bike Tune-Up

Ryan Y

Cycle Sport $25 Gift Card

Daniel K

Cycle Sport $25 Gift Card

Jordan E

Cycle Sport $25 Gift Card

Jill B

Cycle Sport $100 Gift Card

Janelle L

Cycle Sport $100 Gift Card

Christopher H

$10 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Laura N

$10Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Nichole A

$10 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Tori L

$10 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Serena R

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Heather M

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Sherry S

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

John M

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Dane C

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Alexander H

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Ryan D

$10 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Steven E

$10 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Pascale S

$10 Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Rhonda D

Leaderboard Update: 5/8/2018

Attention Rogue Commuters, we have our first leaderboard update of the Challenge. We ran the numbers at 8:30am this morning. If you forgot to add your trips for yesterday don't worry, you can still add your past trips and will be included in tomorrow's update. The chart shows the trip totals for each team, we will update with both Trip and Miles tomorrow. We have categories for both Trips and Miles this year!

Leaderboard Update: 5/8/2018

8:30am. Updates will occur daily.

That's a wrap. 2017 Rogue Commute Challenge is a success!

The 2nd Annual Rogue Commute Challenge was a success, shattering last year's participation and trip totals. 16 Workplace Teams participated in this year's Challenge to see which Workplace could log more walking, biking, carpool, and transit trips.

And the winner is..... Ashland School District!
For the 2nd year in a row the Ashland School District team is "King of the Rogue Valley Commuters", logging in a total of 281 trips and 1,862 miles using their transportation options! The Team with the most participant miles was Common Block Brewing, which logged 71 miles per participating team member! Awesome!

Top 5 Workplace Teams:

  1. Ashland School District:  Total Trips: 281    Total Miles: 1,862
  2. Oregon Shakespeare Festival:  Total Trips: 127 Total Miles: 378
  3. Rogue Credit Union:    Total Trips: 110     Total Miles 464
  4. Medford Food Co-op:  Total Trips: 97  Total Miles: 439
  5. Jackson County (HHS):  Total Trips: 94   Total Miles: 2,160

Collective Totals:
Total Miles:   8,251
Total Trips:   1,175 (Walking, Biking, Carpool, or Transit trips)
CO2 Reduction:   4,775 lbs of Carbon

Explore your transportation options! Get active, save money, reduce your carbon footprint, have fun!

Prize Winners:

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Larry W. City of Medford

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Andy S. Common Block

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Kristen B. Rogue Credit Union

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Connie H. Erickson

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Brady S. Jackson County

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Alexander S. OSF

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Becky D. Ashland School District

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Doug S. Ashland School District

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Daisy F. Rogue Credit Union

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Randi H. Walmart South

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Glenna S. Ashland School District

$5 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Ryan D. Rogue Credit Union

2 OSF Tickets. Jennifer B. Ashland School District

2 OSF Tickets. Cassie S. Medford Food Co-op

$25 Fred Meyer Card. Shepherd S. OSF

$50 Piccadilly Gift Card. Karin P. Ashland School District

$50 Piccadilly Gift Card. Matt N. Common Block

Serfas Bike Pump. Billy J. Erickson

Full Set LED Bike Lights. Halle R. Medford Food Co-op

$25 Cycle Sport. Dane C. OSF

$25 Cycle Sport. Sean R. Rogue Credit Union

$25 Cycle Sport. Serena R. Ashland School District

$25 Cycle Sport. Felisha J. Jackson County

2017 Rogue Commute Challenge Leaderboard

  1. Ashland School District:  Total Trips: 100    Total Miles: 432
  2. Oregon Shakespeare Festival:  Total Trips: 76    Total Miles: 221
  3. Rogue Credit Union:    Total Trips: 48     Total Miles 331
  4. Medford Food Co-op:  Total Trips: 47  Total Miles: 228
  5. Southern Oregon University:  Total Trips: 40   Total Miles: 161
  6. Erickson:  Total Trips: 38   Total Miles: 258
  7. Common Block Brewing:   Total Trips: 34    Total Miles: 434
  8. Rogue Community College: Total Trips: 26   Total Miles: 86
  9. Walmart: South Medford:  Total Trips: 26   Total Miles: 54
  10. Jackson County (HHS):  Total Trips: 22   Total Miles: 46
  11. City of Medford:  Total Trips:  19    Total Miles: 38
  12. Ashland Food Co-op:   Total Trips: 18    Total Miles: 20
  13. Asante:     Total Trips: 5   Total Miles: 59
  14. Rogue Valley Transportation District

*Updated 8:00 am on 5/15/2017

Rogue Commute Leaderboard

The Rogue Commute Challenge Leaderboard will be updated daily (prior to the start of each day), showing which team has logged the most trips up to that point. Participants are allowed to back-log trips and not required to log trips daily. But make sure you don't miss the deadline of May 20th to log your trips!

  • Asante                                                         
  • Ashland School District
  • Ashland Food Co-op
  • City of Medford
  • Common Block Brewing Company
  • Erickson
  • Jackson County (Health and Human Services)
  • Medford Food Co-op
  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • Rogue Credit Union
  • Rogue Community College
  • Rogue Valley Transportation District
  • Southern Oregon University
  • Walmart: South Medford