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It’s easy, all you need is a Team Captain, or someone who will help spread the word about the Rogue Commute Challenge and Drive Less Connect.  Submit your contact information below to sign up your workplace or check if your workplace has a Drive Less Connect Network.

  1. Fill out the Contact Form Below. RVTD will set-up a FREE Drive Less Connect Network for your worksite.

    • Allows employee trips to count toward the workplace team. Teams must be registered by April 30th, 2019.

  2. Select a Team Captain: Someone who will help market the Challenge at your workplace and "Rally the Troops!"

    • Team Captains will receive marketing materials to promote the Challenge. As a Gift, Captains will also receive a $10 Gift Card to Dutch Bros Coffee and be entered in an exclusive Prize Drawing for a $100 Gift Card!

  3. Each Employee that registers on their Workplace Network will automatically be signed up for a FREE Commuter Kits. Commuter Kits come with:

  • Reflective Go RVTD Tote Bag

  • FREE RVTD Bus Pass (6 Ride Card)

  • Local Bike Maps + Safety Tips

  • RVTD Ride Guide + Transit Information

  • Safety Lights + Walking Lights

  • Reflective Safety Material

  • Much More!

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