What is it?

The Rogue Commute Challenge allows workplaces to team together and compete against other local workplace teams to see who can log more walking, biking, carpooling, transit, or telecommute trips and earn glory by being named King of the Rogue Commuters! This fun competition is a great way to learn more about your commute options, earn prizes, get healthy, reduce your carbon footprint and build camaraderie with your co-workers all while competing to have your workplace win the Rogue Commute Challenge! Download the Rogue Commute Challenge Guide.

Why the Rogue Commute Challenge?

The Challenge is all about fun, building teamwork, and learning about the commute options available in the Rogue Valley.  Southern Oregon is a beautiful place to live and there are many benefits to living in such a great place, including a number of options to get you from home to work that save you money, improve your health and reduce your carbon footprint. RVTD houses the region's Transportation Options program, helping people connect to options such as walking, biking, carpooling, and transit as well as experiencing the benefits that come with these commute options. We hope to improve the mobility of Southern Oregon's workforce through this fun event. 

How does the Rogue Commute Challenge Work?

Rogue Commute Challenge will utilize Oregon’s Drive Less Connect Ridematching and Trip Logging tool to keep track of progress, trips, and miles logged throughout the Challenge.

During the Challenge, May 6-17, participants will log their walking, biking, carpooling, teleworking, and transit trips into their DriveLessConnect.com accounts, which will automatically add those trips and miles onto their workplace network in Drive Less Connect. Team standings and individual leaders will be posted on this website, Rogue Commute Challenge Facebook, as well as RVTD Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Allowing workplaces to see how they stack up against their competition everyday. At the end of the week all trips and participation will be totaled and a winning Workplace will be named as the winner of the 2018 Rogue Commute Challenge.

Participants logging their trips into Drive Less Connect as part of the Rogue Commute Challenge will earn prizes throughout the Challenge just for exploring their transportation options! 

  1. Captains, please Sign Up your Workplace for the Rogue Commute Challenge before April 30th.

  2. Participants register a Free profile on Drive Less Connect and join your workplace Network.

  3. Receive your Free Commuter kit and plan which commute options work for you.

  4. Starting May 6th log all your non-drive alone trips onto Drive Less Connect and start winning prizes!

  5. Check on this website daily to see standings and results!

Why join the Rogue Commute Challenge?

  • Build teamwork among your co-workers/employees.

  • Great for your employees health.

  • Just to have fun!

  • It's great for the environment! Reduce your commute emissions.

  • Saves money by driving less.

  • Win Great Prizes!

Drive Less Connect is a free, easy to use online Ridematching and Trip Logging tool that among other features easily allows you to find carpool partners with others who share a similar trip. Drive Less Connect also allows you to log your walking, biking, carpooling, transit, and telecommute trips into your profile to help you keep track of your efforts. Drive Less Connect tracks the number of miles you commute, your emissions (CO2) savings and the money you save in gas and maintenance! Drive Less Connect is sponsored by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

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